Once you have reached sobriety after a long term fight against drug abuse, your process of complete healing still continues. As great as the treatment you have undergone actually was, drug cravings can still often appear, and knowing how to control them and how to access appropriate coping mechanisms can make a crucial difference. The first challenge in your post rehabilitation recovery you might encounter could probably be experienced during your next vacation. Because during your regular holidays, consuming drugs might have been a habit, this being when your drug abuse reached higher levels, dealing with temptation during your next trip can happen. Here are the tips you should be aware of when are planning a vacation:

Don’t travel with people who have a bad influence on you

In many cases, people start experimenting with illegal substances due to the circumstances they’re found in, and their friends are usually the ones who promote temptation. Being surrounded by consumers makes your addiction seem less of a worrying issue, and as difficult as it may seem, cutting those people out of your life until they reach sobriety as well, will be necessary. After going to rehab and using the methods promoted by holistic treatment centers, you will need to reassess your group of friends and under no circumstances go on vacation with people who’ll influence you negatively. If those around you are taking recreational drugs for “some holiday fun”, maintaining your position will be much more difficult.

Continue your sobriety practices

Whether it meditating in the morning or any other techniques you have developed to help you cope with your recovery, during vacation, you might get carried away and forget to engage in your usual practices. Regardless of where you are going on holiday, continue engaging in the regular activities that have helped you stay away from drugs ever since you have finished The Holistic Sanctuary’s healing treatment. Staying focused on your healing journey is necessary on vacation as well.

Don’t disconnect yourself

The purpose of any trip is to explore, discover new things and disconnect yourself from your regular life. While usually not being dependent on your smartphone, for example, when you are traveling can be a good thing, in the position of a recovering addict, this won’t be a good idea. Individuals in this position usually have a sponsor hey can resort to for advice when they are dealing with cravings, or someone who can guide them through a moment of agitation, so always keep your phone with you on vacation, and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you are experiencing any temptation.

Traveling can be in fact a great thing for your battle against addiction, but when you are on the point of leaving for your usual vacation with your friends and family, being tempted to consume alcohol or drugs can often happen, considering this might have been a habit of yours during your past holidays. Knowing how to prepare for our first vacation post-rehab can be essential and may prevent a potential relapse, so analyze these pointers and make sure to

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