When you decide to visit a place like Nozawa Onsen during your vacation, you understand that you have to spend almost all your holiday there, because you might not have other opportunity to visit Japan in the near future. Therefore, it is wise to plan a long vacation in a place like this, because you have plenty of things to do and touristic attractions to see. This is the type of holiday that requires a lot of planning, because you travel in a place you might never had been before, and you have to be sure that you do not skip any detail, that could influence your trip. When you will have to book an accommodation facility, you would notice that you have to choose between renting an apartment and staying in a hotel, and if in the first place Nozawa Onsen apartments might not seem a suitable choice, when you would see the advantages this option has, you would definitely prefer it.

Save money

When planning this type of holiday you do not choose to go alone, therefore, it is wise to rent an apartment because you can share the accommodation costs. Only take a look at the costs of renting an apartment in the same area where you might intend to have a hotel room, and you would see that for less money you will have a greater comfort. Also, apartments could be located closer to the area that raise your interest, because hotels are placed in a spot which meets many requirements, but when it comes to apartments you can choose to stay in one, closer to the ski resort for example, because it would be more affordable than the one from the center of the region.

Plenty of space

When comparing a hotel room with an apartment you will see that you will have more room, even if you have to share it with the others. Apartments also have a living room and a kitchen that are used as common spaces, and you will not have to spend the late nights, by your own in the small hotel room, because you have the possibility to spend it together with your friends in the living room, playing cards.

Kitchen at hand

You might not be a morning person, and in this case, an apartment is perfect while being in Nozawa Onsen for skiing, because you will not have to waste time on getting dressed and going at the restaurant for the breakfast. You have the possibility to prepare your breakfast there, in your cozy pajamas, and get ready for visiting the surroundings. Also, having a kitchen at hand would help you save money, because you will save a lot if your choose to prepare it by yourself. Moreover, let’s face it, even if it is a vacation, you still want to save money, because you prefer to spend money on tours and other activities, than on expensive restaurant food. An apartment not only that provides you privacy, but it also has plenty of benefits.

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