Traveling to Europe is definitely something you have to do during your lifetime. The old continent has plenty of hidden beauties, but what really makes it stand out is its impressive culture. Countries such as Italy, for instance, are representative for the evolution of the entire European civilization, which is why they attract millions of visitors annually. If you reach the Mediterranean region, you should make sure you also travel to Rome, the capital of Italy. The city has about 3.000 years of influential art and culture, not to mention the friendly atmosphere and cosmopolitan touch. No matter what type of tourist you are, this place will definitely charm you in an instant: inspiring art, memorable sights and a vibrant street life – this is what awaits for you in one of the oldest cities of Europe. Also known as the “Eternal City”, Rome is considered to be among the most beautiful places in the world. In case you are interested in visiting it, read on to discover what makes this place actually unique:

It has an amazing culture

If you are passionate about art, culture and civilization, then Rome is the ideal destination for you. The culture of this city is so complex that it includes not only plenty of artistic riches (belonging to more than one art sub-sector), but also genuine historical legacies. Rome is the result of thousands of years of urban development, which has transformed it into a delightful spectacle. Famous ancient ruins (the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Pantheon) stand tall, marking the presence of the Roman Empire, while multiple churches and catacombs take you back to the beginnings of the Christian religion. Vatican City, with its St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums, displays a monumental masterpiece of the Renaissance architecture and art. The streets are a genuine spectacle and no matter where you go, you will get the chance to discover new elements full of art and history.


The infrastructure allows you to get around easily

Taking into consideration the huge touristic potential of the city, the authorities have made sure all the people interested in visiting Rome can do this without any issue. In spite of the fact that Rome’s airport, named Fiumicino, is 19 miles outside the city, there are plenty of Rome airport transportation alternatives available. You can get in touch with a specialized transfer company to book a car (or more, depending on how many you are), which will take you anywhere you want. What is more, the airport also has a train station where you can get a train directly to the center of the city. You can even rent your own car, but make sure you use a dedicated map to avoid getting lost and prevent having a hard time. All these transfer options are available to travelers, in exchange for a convenient price, especially to encourage foreign people to discover as much as they can from this amazing Italian city.


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