Have you decided what your winter destination is this year? If not, then you should consider Courchevel, because is one of the most breath-taking mountain destinations you would see in Europe. In case you do not know, it is one of the most prestigious ski destinations from the world, and if you are passionate about this sport, you should not skip it from your list. And in case you have never skied, then you would definitely want to do it, when you would arrive there, and you would see the tracks from the window of your hotel room. So, you might have the misconception that this is a winter destination similar to the other ones from Europe, but you should only take a look at the pictures from there, and you would see that it is a wonderful place where to spend your holidays. And where it counts that there are endless Rental Chalet Courchevel, when it comes to accommodation.

It is the perfect place where to ski from morning until night

Yes, you heard it right, if you choose Courchevel, as your winter destination, you would have the possibility to stay on track even when the light fades, because they are equipped with amazing lighting system, which offers you the possibility to ski even during the night if you want. This ski resort is different from the other ones from Europe, because more than 80% from the ski area is placed above 1800m, and the majority of them run north facing. You would ski on high-quality tracks even in the periods when there is not snowing, because the resort is equipped with the latest equipment from the market. They produce a great quantity of snow, by using minimum electricity and water, because Courchevel pays great consideration to the environment.

Enjoy relaxing days in Courchevel aqua and wellness center

If you want your winter holiday to be more than just winter sports, then you should include on your list Courchevel, because here you would find the Aquamotion, which is one of the largest aqua and wellness centers from the region. It features eight different pools, and it covers more than 15,000 m², and a wellness area with no more than 19 treatment booths, and this is not all, you would also have the possibility to do other activities, because the center features indoor climbing and surfing areas.

Get in touch with works of art

Have you ever thought that you would be able to admire some of the most beautiful and striking pieces of art while being on the top of the Alps? Well, if you choose Courchevel you would have the possibility to admire a huge crocodile and red gorilla on the mountain, because this ski resort has a great link with art. Major artists have chosen this area to display their works of art, so you should not be surprised to see that this is the only French resort that exposes some of the largest works of art in its outdoor gallery. The giant animal sculptures would not fail to impress you.

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