Private aircraft offer a superior travelling experience and are an excellent choice for passengers who have high expectations or requirements in terms of transport, expectations which commercial airlines cannot meet. However, purchasing a charter private plane is a decision to which you should allocate some time, because a private plane requires a massive investment and you need to find out whether it is efficient in the long run or not.


You fly more than 200 hours/year

The first indicator that you should switch from hiring to buying a private jet is that you fly a minimum of 200 hours per year and you know for sure that this number will remain constant for the following years. If you find yourself in airports most of the time, then counting on commercial airlines is not recommended, because you waste a lot of time and, overall, you might be spending more on first class plane tickets than on a private jet. However, if your total flight hours are below 200, then you should stick to renting a charter instead.


You fly on fixed itineraries


The ideal buyer of private plane is a businessperson who travels to the same destinations on a regular basis. If your company has offices in multiple locations, in your country or abroad, and you have to travel from one office to another on a regular basis, then your own private jet can save you a lot of time and money. Don’t worry if your destination has only a small airport or is not very circulated, because private jets have fewer  restrictions and they can take you anywhere.


You go on short trips and need more flexibility


As convenient as private planes may be, practicality is not their strongest point when you are going away for long periods of time. During your stay, the plane has to be on the ground, and if you plan on being there for ten days, then the cost for doing this can be very high. However, if you only plan on having a short stay, the jet will offer you plenty of benefits, such as departing right away, without having to wait until the next day for a flight. Last, but not least, consider this investment if you think that commercial airlines do not have a flexible schedule and you want your means of transport to arrive and depart on short notice.

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