Maui is a very popular island to visit family in Hawaii. Wherever you’re staying – resort, apartment, vacation home – make sure to get out and explore the island, either on tour or on own account, renting a car. Below are suggestions for what to visit in Maui.

One of the interesting places to visit in Maui is Haleakala Volcano: the highest peak in Maui that incorporates a National Park.

Haleakala – the largest dormant volcano – has a vertiginous altitude of 10,000 feet. Its Name means “House of the Sun” in Hawaiian myths, from the summit crater was home to the demigod Maui grandmother, she helped him capture the sun and slow its journey across the sky, so people had more hours of daylight. Legends also say, Haleakala was home to Pele, goddess of fire.

The visit in the rental car or by the escorted tour can be very pleasant. Clouds and wind peak change quickly, put layers of warm clothes. Take time to do some hiking trails.

You have so many options for boating. The beautiful and crystal water offers you a splendid view, from whales to reef conditions. A very big variety of fish and plants.

Iao Valley State Park – is definitely a “what to visit in Maui” place

Located in central Maui, the valley is one of the most popular areas for hiking. In 1970, the Iao Valley battle between Hawaiian King Kamehameha and his army. Surrounded by forested volcanic rise, Iao Needle peak is among the most photographed places in the valley.

Has a height of about 370 meters and is often covered by clouds. To learn something about the history of the island, visitors can go to see exhibitions of the Hawaii Nature Center, located inside the park. Iao Valley State Park is open from 7:00 – 19:00. Tourists are advised to equip themselves for walking on the mountain and have water in them.

Lahaina, Maui western port city, Lahaina is a picturesque area that was once a simple fishing village. It represent a must-see in “what to visit in Maui” category. Often called the “ jewel in the crown of Maui “and is the second focal point of the island, after with beach areas. The harbor is lined with boats, many of which offer guests tours of the island.

Downtown is a huge ficus (Ficus benghalensis or Banyan Tree), which was brought from India in 1873, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first Protestant mission in Lahaina.

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