Sharing the Antillean archipelago with the Dominican Republic, Haiti is one of the hidden gems of the Caribbean. The country has many things to offer to its tourists, from pristine beaches and breathtaking scenery to impressive palaces and cathedrals all sprinkled with a unique culture and society, heavily affected by the country’s rich history. The Laferriere Citadelle, for example, is the perfect attraction for fans of nostalgic ports and historic sites. Plus, the excursion to the citadelle is quite beautiful, a 7 kilometers hike up the mountain, although you can also choose to go by horseback. It’s been said by many that the fortress is a clear testimony of white ignorance and back culture and it is truly a must see while in Haiti. Speaking of culture, if you really want to get a feel of the local color, then you should learn Creole at one of the several summer classes available in the country and try to communicate with Haitians in their own language. It’s sure is a different experience.

For those looking for a little luxury in this Caribbean country, the Labadee port is the perfect location. Situated on the northern coast of the country, Labadee is a private resort that offers tourists a small piece of paradise among lush foliage and stunning mountains. Another thing you should do while in Haiti, apart from trying to learn Creole, is visit the Sans-Souci Palace. The residence of King Henri I of Haiti, who had been a slave, and Queen Marie-Louise, the Palace is an impressive construction and offers an exciting journey to the past. The view of Sans-Souci is awe-inspiring, but as soon as you get to Haiti and start visiting the country, you learn to expect the unexpected. The Palace was known, for a very long time, as the Versailles of the Caribbean. Another great construction in Haiti was the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, also known as the Port au Prince Cathedral, which was built between 1884 and 1914, but was destroyed by the earthquake in 2010. Even though the earthquake caused great damage to the Caribbean country, Haiti is still a unique destination and there is plenty for tourists to see and do there.

Although Haiti is a country in the Caribbean sea and has many wonderful beaches, it is not the kind of destination you choose when you are looking for nothing else but to relax under the sun, as you lose greatly if you don’t explore its history and culture. Haiti is the kind of destination that you adventure into, experiencing the local color, talking to the Haitian people, take classes to learn Creole and learn bout the country’s history and society. If you are really interested in taking a trip to Haiti, be sure you get yourself acquainted with everything that is worth seeing and exploring while there and there are plenty of resources to that effect available online.

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