London is definitely one of the most popular cities in the world and numerous tourists come to visit it every year. You have already heard of all the amazing places worth visiting from your friends or relatives who have already been to England’s capital, so you probably have an itinerary established. However, if you are going to spend only two days there, you should stick only to the most important tourist attractions, so here are some useful tips to not miss anything important during your short journey there.

First day

Get up early in the morning and go to the Trafalgar Square, which is considered the hub of London, then visit the National Gallery, which is located quite close to the Trafalgar Square and enjoy the tour for free. The next stop when visitare Londra in 2 giorni is the famous giant clock, Big Ben, which is located at the end of Whitehall and keep in mind that in the same area there are also the houses of Parliament. By the time you ticked off these big sights, it will already be afternoon, so make your next stop at Westminster Abbey, which is the capital’s most prestigious building, and then go to St. James’s Palace, Knightsbridge and the famous store Harrods. In the evening, you can opt for visiting the V&A museum, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum and remember that all of them have free entrance. Then, relax and take a walk in the Kensington Gardens and visit the Kensington Palace.

Second day

The first day was definitely a good one, but the second day is going to be even greater. Start your day by heading east this time, towards Temple Church and go to one of the must see tourist sites in London, St Paul’s Cathedral, then go to the Monument and enjoy London in all its glory. The next stop is the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, the City Hall and the Southwark Cathedral, the last two are located across the river. Spend your last evening in London at the Tate Modern and end your trip with visiting the famous London Eye, where you can enjoy the astonishing view of seeing London from above.

As you can see, these are the most important places you must visit in your two-day trip in London. If you want to cross all these tourist sites from your visiting list, make sure you stick to the itinerary.


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