Who doesn’t love travelling? Discovering every corner of the world, meeting new people, trying out new habits, these are the joys of life and it is important to make the best of them. Traveling is your gateway to the big world, a new and fascinating one. So, how are you going to start? Where will your first stop be? Why not start with Vancouver?  It may not be in the top 10 most visited cities in the world, but it definitely has some surprises in store! Here are few tips to make your trip worthwhile. So, after getting out of your booked Vancouver airport limo, here is your map to a dream holiday.

Hop on hop off tour

A lot of tourists have started discovering the advantages of the hop on hop off tours. These are incredibly popular for a number of reasons. Just like the airport limo you get to enjoy your holiday in a simpler manner. Instead of taking the bus to reach your hotel losing lots of time and being uncomfortable throughout the road, you can take the limo and taste the good life. The hop on hop off tour offers you an overall perspective upon Vancouver and you can enjoy the beauty of this city. Simply get on the bus and step off it whenever you see something that catches your eye. A museum, an interesting building or a restaurant, you can stop anywhere. This option is very useful if your stay is not too long and you want to make sure that you see every tourist attraction in a short time frame.

Stanley Park: a trip into the outdoor

The great thing about Vancouver is that it perfectly combines the outdoors and modern architecture. This makes it a complex destination and caters for everyone’s tastes. If you should visit this city, make sure that you stop for a stroll in Stanley Park. This is an amazing location, filled with all kinds of interesting and unexpected points to visit during your city break. Whenever you want to relax and see something different, you can discover the rainforest, amazing beaches and interesting wildlife. Everything you are looking for is right here in this amazing, breathtaking park, so be sure you are not going to miss it, especially if you’re traveling with children.

The VanDusen Botanical Garden

It is true that visiting a city means going to the museum and checking out various landmarks. However, sometimes, it is best to take a step back from these classic tours and try to find out a new side to the city. So, as a recommendation, go check out the VanDusen Botanical garden. What you are going to see here will leave you breathless, especially if you are going to visit Vancouver in the springtime, when nature all around you blooms and you can see unique species of flowers.

Vancouver is an exciting city ad it is worth your effort. So, get on the plane right away, then jump in the limo and admire the city, only to go on your adventure the very next day!


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