Italy is a popular traveling destination among tourists, due to the beautiful scenery, romantic culture, and great Italian food. If you have decided to choose this country for your next travel adventure, then you could not have made a better choice – you will most definitely enjoy every minute of your stay. However, in order to travel from one city to another without dealing with any unpleasantness, and to make the most out of this vacation, there are some things you should know. From choosing the right Napoli Fiumicino transportation, to discovering the authentic taste of the Italian cuisine, here are the most important tips to follow when in Italy:

Travel by bus – the cheapest and most convenient option

Although you might be tempted to take the train from the airport to your hotel, or from one city to another, being a faster option, traveling by bus will allow you to save a lot of money. Buses are far more accessible in terms of price, and you can also travel with all of your baggage without having to pay extra or not have room to place it. You can travel from Naples to the Fiumicino airport for example with just 5 euros, which is certainly convenient. All you have to do is search online for a website that allows you to buy bus tickets at the most advantageous price, and you can easily take care of all your travel arrangements.

Book nearby town accommodation

Because you are there to explore and not to stay at the most luxurious hotels, if you want to save some money, book an accommodation that is situated outside of the city, and not in the center. This way, you can end up spending even half than you would normally have to in the center of a big town, and you will also be avoiding crowds.

Read reviews online before visiting a restaurant

One great thing about visiting Italy is that you will have the opportunity of tasting their culinary delights. When you hear the world Italy, you automatically think of pizza and pasta right? Well, it is true that here is where you will eat the best Pizza or pasta you have ever tasted, but in order for our expectations not to be disappointed, you should read a few resultant reviews in advance. Although Italy is famous for its cuisine, just like any other country, it has its own great and not so great restaurants, so being informed will prevent you from spending money on anything but delicious meals.

If you are a traveling enthusiast, and are on the point of going on a big adventure throughout Italy, then having these few aspects in mind will certainly come in handy. If you follow these tips, you will not only manage to save some money, but you will also avoid any inconveniences that might ruin your trip. If you have never visited this country before, then you will certainly fall in love with it as soon as you arrive, so do not let small things affect your overall experience.

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