For foodies, traveling is all about the best places to eat. Food can be the most exciting part of some people’s holidays, and if you are one of these people, you definitely should inform yourself about the traditional dishes that you have to try at least once in a lifetime. Some of these foods can be found in restaurants in different parts of the world, not necessarily in the countries they were invented in. Yet the real taste can only be experienced on the native lands of these dishes. Here is a list of the selected foods in different parts of the world, from Africa to Europe.


In case you are passionate about the traditional food of Yemen, but with French touches and some Indian influences, then Djibouti is your thing. Djibouti was previously occupied by France and it is a stopping point on the old Spice Road – that’s where the influences come from. The food is truly special, and if you have a chance to visit Djibouti, you need to try sambussa and fah-fah. You should check out for an extensive list of foods that you can serve in Djibouti. 

Hong Kong

The food in Hong Kong is very diverse, but there is something that all visitors love – dim sum. These are popular in teahouses or as street food all around Hong Kong. Dim sum is basically a dish similar to dumplings and they are filled with all sorts of things, deep fried or steamed. The servings are quite small so that you can serve dim sum while drinking your tea. The main portion consists of four dim sum and they are served in steamer baskets. Tourists prefer to order many types of dim sum and try one of each for the most authentic experience. 


Indian dishes are world-wide known for the spices used and the great flavors they have. When visiting India, the first thing you should try is masala dosa, especially if you enjoy crepes. Masala dosa is a rice crepe, filled with onion curry. The dish is served with chutney or potatoes. Rice is the main ingredient when it comes to Indian cuisine. For vegetarians, you definitely need to try dhokla. It is made of fermented rice and chickpeas. The dish is steamed and garnished with coriander.


Forget about pizza and pasta when you hear Italy. There are many other dishes that are worth trying, and Italian cuisine is suitable for all tastes and preferences. Start with arancini. Arancini are rice balls, stuffed with all sorts of fillings. The most common fillings are mozzarella and tomato sauce. Saltimbocca is also popular in Italy. It is a more special dish, made of veal and prosciutto. The meat is filled with all sorts of herbs. Saltimbocca can be cooked with chicken instead of veal as well. As for your sweet tooth, don’t miss torrone, a honey, nuts and citrus wonder that everyone would enjoy after a serious meal. Order torrone with your coffee and you’ll remember the taste forever.

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