Trying local cuisine is one of the vacation stages that most tourists are excited about, but not every foreign restaurant is as great as it looks. In fact, a lot of restaurant owners set tourist traps, luring unsuspecting foreigners in and offering nothing more than mediocre, overpriced food. Just like you look for reviews of hotels and local attractions, you should take the time to research the best and worst places to eat. If you’re travelling to the UK, then check out an online directory about UK restaurants to find out where to eat the best food. The good news is that tourist traps are just about the same in all corners of the world, so once you learn what they are, you’ll be able to spot a scam from a mile away.

Beware of hawkers

A good restaurant relies on its excellent meals and customer service to gain clients and make a good reputation for itself, not on hawkers. If one of the staff members tries to approach you as you’re walking down the street, telling you about their great traditional menus and low prices, don’t go into the restaurant, because you won’t like it there. You will either pay much more than advertised or you’ll have some of the worst food you’ve ever eaten.

Avoid central restaurants

Having lunch in a restaurant right next to the London Bridge sounds romantic, but it’s not the best idea, namely because restaurants located in central areas or near landmarks are almost always scams. They rely on their location to attract tourists, but they’re mediocre at best and overcharge you for the most basic of meals. They also come in packs and they’re located one next to another, making it difficult for you to escape then.

The lack of a menu

Another sign that you could be headed right into a tourist trap is the lack of a menu. Unprofessional restaurants usually have one big sign outside, advertising a traditional meal at a price that’s too good to be true. It usually is, because tourists who fall for this trap go straight in, ordering the thing they read about on the sign, without being offered a menu. If they had requested one, they would have seen that what they wanted to order was much more expensive. Owners use this trick to scam customers and charge them extra, so, no matter where you go, ask for a menu first.

Too many tourists

Before you enter the restaurant, look around and see who is sitting at the tables. If you see more than couple of fanny packs, cameras and people with maps, then it’s a touristy spot and you’re better off without it. Instead, walk a few more streets and find a smaller, quieter place where you can actually see locals enjoying their meals. Tourists can be fooled to enter a restaurant all the time, but locals aren’t that easy to scam. Apart from being safer, this options also enables to enjoy an authentic culinary experience.

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