As season 7 of Game of Thrones is coming to a close, fans are already thinking of how much they will have to wait until the next season. But, we have an idea to help pass the time without losing contact with the show’s atmosphere: why not go on Game of Thrones themed tour and see some of the set locations for yourself? The show’s producers did a great job at bringing George RR Martin’s fantasy world to life and the cities you see on the small screen might seem taken out of an imaginary world, but make no mistake, they are real and most of them are in Croatia. So, if you want to immerse yourself into the show even more, it’s time to hop on Game of Thrones tours in Croatia and see some of the best locations in Essos and Westeros.



By far the most popular location in Game of Thrones tours, Dubrovnik is home to none other than King’s Landing. The Old Town of Dubrovnik was built in the 7th century, making it one of the oldest historical sites in the country. This particular spot was used for shooting scenes around the fortress of King’s landing, more notably the Battle of Blackwater. But, if you go there, you must also visit the walls of Dubrovnik and walk around the small cobbled streets. Make sure you climb all the way up to the wall to get a stunning panoramic view of the city.


Watermill Žrnovnica

Although the shots of Essos have something oriental about them, they weren’t all shot in exotic locations. For example, the Watermill Žrnovnica was used to shoot the famous battle sequence between Daryo Naharis and the champion of Mereen, as well as the risqué bathing scene between Missandei and Grey Worm.  


Klis Fortress

The medieval fortress of Klis is a great spot if you want to learn more about Croatia’s history and, at the same time, it’s a must-see attraction for Game of Thrones fans. This fortress was used for shooting scenes in Mereen and if you look at a few pictures of it you will certainly recognize it.


Kaštel Gomilica

The Gomilica Castle was only added on the list of Game of Thrones set locations in season 5, but it already feels very familiar. The old walls of the castle were used as a background for the Free City of Braavos, the place where Arya trained to become a faceless assassin. More than an iconic Game of Thrones location, Kaštel Gomilica is a beautiful landmark on its own.


Diocletian’s palace

Diocletian’s Palace is yet another one of Split’s gems and a must-see tourist attraction for Game of Thrones fans. If you like Daenerys, then you’ll definitely recognize this palace to have hosted some of her best scenes. The name of the palace comes from the Roman Emperor Diocletian, who settled here in 4th century BC – a fitting location for the Mother of Dragons.

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