Snowbird is a term that refers to people over a certain age that leave Canada for several months, usually during winter in order to enjoy the warmer climates in California, Texas or Arizona. They can benefit from travel insurance although they already have medical insurance and they have the possibility to explore from many options to find the most suitable coverage for their unique needs. However, they must be careful regarding every step of the process, starting with eligibility and application and ending with benefits provided by each policy.

Are you eligible for snowbird travel insurance?

Eligibility is the first thing you should consider before purchasing the travel. Although requirements might be different, the majority of policies demand provincial health coverage from the beginning until the end of the trip, insurance application while still being in Canada, namely before you go on your trip, insurance purchase for the entire period you are away. In addition, you might want to answer to several questions before you apply for snowbird travel insurance, such as your age, the trip period, if you intend to return to Canada during the trip, if you take medications for pre-existing medical conditions. This will help you determine if the travel insurance will provide the adequate coverage for your specific needs.

Time to make a claim

The process of applying for snowbird travel insurance might be burdensome due to the fact that you have to deal with a lot of paperwork, complete various forms and provide evidence of your eligibility. In order to facilitate your job, you should look for the least onerous policy claim. Practically, you should inquire about the documents needed, the time limit for your claim, and the easiness of the process. Many companies like Maxxlife Finanical Inc are willing to help you with this task.

The age matters

Each policy has unique terms but if you have a certain age, usually between 55 and 60, you will have to fill in a medical questionnaire while applying for the travel insurance. Some of the information you have to provide includes your heart and lung conditions, diabetes and high blood pressure, cancer history and medication requirements. If you have not reached 60 yet, you might be able to avoid the medical questionnaire. However, if you must complete it, make sure that your answers are correct because your coverage depends on it. If the information is inaccurate, they might deny your claim.

The benefits of snowbird travel insurance

Every policy will at least cover you for hospital and medical expenses, more specifically, the ambulance and the hospital room, the treatment and the drugs, diagnostic tests and medical equipment. Of course, the extent of coverage depends according to each policy and for this reason you have to pay great attention before choosing a specific one. You should mostly revise the coverage terms and limits and look for the following benefits: emergency transportation to Canada, return of a relative or your vehicle back to Canada and emergency dental expenses, among others.

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