When going to a new place, you want to know what the best locations to eat are. Planning a holiday implies not only making a list of the best tourist attractions in town, but also one with the best places to dine. In the past years, more and more people have chosen Split, Croatia, as their holiday destination, so if you want to visit this part of Europe this year, you should know how to choose the right dinning place after enjoying your day trips from Split to the surrounding areas. Here are some tips to help you decide upon the right restaurant.

Do some research first

One of the methods you can find out which restaurants in Split are worth going to is to consult a guide. The moment you arrive in Split, go to the first newsstand and buy a guide of the town. It is for sure that you will find there detailed information regarding the most popular restaurants, pubs and bars in town. If you do not want to wait for so long and you want to know exactly what place is worth going at even before arriving in Croatia, the best method is to do some research on the internet. Many people who have already been to those restaurants have left feedback on various blogs, forums or even the restaurants’ Facebook pages. It is one great way to see which location has received positive feedback from previous customers and which has not.

Ask the locals for such information

Another great method to learn about the most popular dinning places is to ask the locals. Who else would know better which restaurant is treating its customers with respect and which is not. Locals know everything that happens in their region, so ask people around what their opinion is regarding some of the restaurants you have previously written down on your list.

Ask your friends

It is possible for some of your friends or acquaintances to have already been to Split, Croatia. Ask them too about where they enjoyed eating and drinking and go to the same places. Friends are the right people who can recommend you what cathedrals, museums, galleries and other historical sites to visit as well, since they have already visited this region and know more about it. Take advantage of this aspect and create a visit list, so that you will know exactly what places to go to and what outdoor activities you can enjoy there.

Check the surroundings

It is for sure that the moment you arrive in Split you want to go straight to the hotel and get some rest. However, in case you did not have the time to search for the best restaurants in town until then, it is advisable to go out of your hotel room and check the surroundings. You will definitely find a good place to eat some traditional food somewhere close to your hotel.

Overall, these are some useful tips that will help you select the right place to go and eat while visiting Split. Bonus tip: do not forget to have the time of your life there!

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