London is a travel destination full of surprises. A cultural mix, a city with stunning architectural creations, reputable restaurants and hidden gems only locals or old tour guides know. Visiting London can make your week of vacation a unique and entertaining one. However, certain areas of London, like Richmond, seem to have more to give than others do. If not sure what can you do in that certain area, fear not, because reading this might give you some “Richmond things to do” type of ideas. Below are some and if you search well, surely you can find others equally pleasant.

Richmond attractions for young and old

Galleries and museums, parks and historical buildings, you can find them all in Richmond. For example, the Richmond Theatre, built in 1899, it is an icon for lovers of Downtown Abbey series or even The Muppets movie. Downtown Abbey received its BAFTA award in its premises. As you can see, this is a location all movie enthusiast will find interesting for what it represents in the industry. Osterley Park and House is an impressive location, from an architectural point of view. Usually opened Monday to Sunday from 12 to 4 PM, you can enjoy unique gardens and rooms. Keneller Hall, now hosting the Military School of Music, is a compendium of military uniforms, instruments, and other treasures, gathered in about 200 years. All military enthusiasts can enjoy a tour monthly, each Saturday, between 10AM and 4 PM.

Richmond restaurants for food enthusiasts

As you might have already guessed, Richmond hosts a large number of restaurants from a variety of cuisines, such as Persian, Greek and Mediterranean, Portuguese, Indian, and African. A reputable Greek restaurant we recommend all tourists in Richmond is Orpheus Taverna, a family run restaurant, an intimate place where you can enjoy a tasty traditional Greek dessert, just as well as main courses carefully cooked with fresh ingredients from local suppliers. Meze, the traditional Greek starter will open you appetite with a bite of hummus, tzatziki, or even feta cheese. For Indian restaurants, we surely recommend Taste of Mogul, a family run restaurant as well, with great customer services, excellent courses, all colourful and spicy.

Richmond hidden gems

Looking for unique experiences only locals can enjoy? Then we might have what you need. Well-hidden, the Petersham Nurseries can offer all tourists the bit of tranquillity needed, stunning décor, and food at highest standards. A glasshouse restaurant might be something odd, because of its location, but we assure you’ll have an extraordinary experience here. Whether you would prefer eating at the Café there or at the typically English Teahouse, you will enjoy some courses made from reputable recipes, cooked by experienced chefs. The location’s décor depends on each season, being mostly natural. A Christmas event here will surely fill you with joy and good thoughts.

As you can easily notice, Richmond is a part of London that has a lot to offer for all its tourists, from attractions, to cuisine and more.

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