One of the most cultural cities in the world, Rome fascinates all its travellers with its historic and archeological places as well as delicious foods. This is definitely a great place to visit if you are passionate about history and culture and want to find out more about everything this city has to offer. Tourists can access the Rome attractions guide from to find out about the most popular tourists attractions, visiting hours and rates. One of the most popular attractions in Rome is probably the Colosseum. This important historic monument is included in every tour of Rome. This impressive building was where the famous gladiators used to fight and has inspired many movies and plays throughout the history.

Rome truly is an open museum. On every street there is something ancient to visit and a new piece of history to discover. The Trevi Fountain is another must visit in Rome, especially if you are enjoying your trip so far. Story goes that if you through a coin over your shoulder and it lands in this fountain, you will return to Rome in the future. So all tourists, who would like to come back one day to this amazing city, should make sure they don’t forget to through a coin in the Trevi Fountain. Another famous attraction of Rome that all tourists enjoy visiting is the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo’s most famous work, this chapel amazes visitors with its size and beauty at the same time. Regardless of how much time you spend in Rome, this is definitely one of the places that nobody should miss.

The Roman Forum in Rome comprises various temples, memorials and is a true step back in time. You will be able to picture what the city was like at its beginnings. It is fascinating to find out about how the city really lived and where it all started from. Rome is filled with beautiful churches, so those who are passionate about architecture and history will be glad to know there is something beautiful to discover on every street. No matter how much time you spend in Rome, there will always be something new to visit. Vatican Museums allow visitors to admire various paintings and sculptures

All in all, Rome is a beautiful city that any person should visit. You will have something to discover everywhere you look. Rome will never disappoint its tourists. Its beautiful streets and historic attractions make it a truly amazing destination. Whether you like to explore museums or simply want to enjoy its atmosphere and try out the delicious foods of the region, Rome will always be an excellent choice. This cultural destination has maintained its popularity over the years because people will always want to see the unique attractions found here. The Colosseum and The Sistine Chapel will always be a reference point for all those who are passionate about history and roman culture. Rome will always be an excellent choice for those who want to travel to Italy for the first time and want to start with something they will definitely enjoy.

Description: Rome is one of the most cultural cities in the world and offers people the chance to see many places of significant historical value.

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