Los Angeles is one of the most famous cities in the world and there are a lot of places to visit in Los Angeles, it is not so famous in vain. It has a lot of attractions to offer but also it is the city of celebrities so just being there makes you feel very special.

The first place to visit in Los Angeles is Downtown LA, the cosmopolitan center of the city, where you can find a lot of café – bars, hotels and all that kind of stuff. The imposing buildings are pretty impressive especially in the night when the light gives a nice air to the landscape. There are always a lot of people so you will never get bored in this part of the city. Actually you will not get bored anywhere in LA.

Another important place to visit, and you do not want to miss this one, is Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is pretty impressive and exciting to be on the same place that a lot of Hollywood stars were and your favorite actors received gratitude and recognition of their value. The majority of today’s celebrities are on the Kodak Theatre zone also in the Kodak Theatre (even somehow related to it, to the right of it) is a very nice mall within which there is an information desk where you can find a lot of maps, offers tours, maps of actors houses, etc. .

You can also visit the inside of the Kodak Theatre, where are held yearly the Academy Awards.

If you want to relax and enjoy a walk you can visit Sunset Boulevard where you can find plenty of boutiques.

Also, there is a very nice street one of the most interesting places to visit in Los Angeles, called Third Street Promenade, filled with shops, restaurants and terraces. Here you can see a bunch of different styles and types of musicians, dancers and acrobats. In the plain street, they make their “number”. It is nice to hear the music they play in the evening, sitting on a terrace. The whole street is illuminated with colored beautiful trees and it is very pleasant to walk in the evening there.

Another very important place to visit in Los Angeles is Universal Studios Hollywood. Everyone knows about it that must be visited at least once in life. The notion of amusement park, Universal Studios offers a studio tour with a guide, it shows some special effects, how is generated rain, fire, etc. It is a good place to do a lot of pictures.

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