One of the great regions in the US is Florida, a state situated on the South-East Coast, being famous for its sandy beaches and unforgettable holidays.

If you decide to travel to Florida we recommend you to plan at least 3 or 4 days because there are a lot of great places to Visit in Florida. Furthermore if you really want to enjoy this state you should rent a convertible car as this is the best way to travel here. If you are having trouble choosing a car we recommend reading a few car reviews that will provide accurate information.

Florida is the state that includes some of the most visited cities in the US such as Miami, Orlando, West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale.

If you intend to go on a holiday to Florida, you do not want to miss the vibrant Miami city – one of the important places to visit in Florida.

Miami also very often called as the US Casablanca for its exotic places, but it is also a cosmopolitan and extravagant city for its various skyscrapers that are extended from the modern district to downtown.

You will enjoy the beach, the sun, the ocean but also the night life, Miami being famous for party and fun. If you want a quiet place to spend the time well Miami is not one of them because it is full of life and party people.

One of the greatest places to visit in Florida is definitely South Beach, one of the most visited districts in Miami, where you can enjoy of the sandy beaches and the blue ocean, but also if you like buildings you will also enjoy the art deco style that every single building is adopting it.

The places you should not miss in Miami are also:  Old Spanish Monastery, Holocaust Memorial, Coral Castle, Venetian Pool, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and Bayfront Park.

Another important place to visit in Florida is Orlando. The major attraction of Orlando represents the Disney Magic Kingdom, but also aquatic parks and a lot of entertainment spots.

There are lots of parks with so many different thematic, film studios, golf courses. If you are wondering about hotels well you should know that they offer the best conditions but also come with good prices.

Museum of Science and Art Museum are two places worth visiting; you can visit also the NASA Rocket Park. Itinerary of visits should include the University of Central Florida Dendrological Park, World Orchids, collection of oddities Ripley, Holy Land Experience Complex and Museum International Train ala.

There are also other beautiful places to visit in Florida, but you should discover them by traveling there. You will be very pleased by what this region can offer. Taking a state road trip can be a great holiday. If you decide to do this, make sure you have a great car. Convertibles are ideal unless you travel with the family. Nevertheless when you read car reviews make sure you search for comfortable chairs, climate control and baggage room. Comfort is very important if you really want to enjoy the Florida road trip

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