California is one of the federal states of the United States, which stretches along the southern half of the west coast of America, the third state that area after Alaska and Texas and the most populous U.S state.

The most important places to visit in California are: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Santa Monica.

Los Angeles is one of the most important cultural, scientific, technological and commercial world and is home to many world-renowned institutions in a variety of professional and cultural fields.

The city is one of the “must-see” places to visit in California and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, is always a destination search time due to very mild, its geographical positioning along the Pacific Rim Gateway and its energy that is released worldwide.

The city is Disneyland, the most beautiful amusement park in America, a number of cultural institutions like the Museum of Contemporary Art, LA Philharmonic and Museum and Getty Villa.

Crenshaw District hosts the famous Black church, the first African Methodist Episcopal Church and West Angeles Church of God in Christ Church and the area around Leimert Park is famous for its jazz, art and culture.

San Diego is another important place to visit in California, it is located on the south-western U.S. and it represents a major city in California and also in the U.S..

On the border with Mexico, it has bases of Navy, the Coast Guard and the Marine.

Main attractions of this special city are its beaches and bays, Balboa Park with museums, zoo, Sea World and Old Town, the place where settled the first Spanish settlers.

The city center is located in San Diego Bay, the largest port in the world fleet, including two super-carriers, five amphibious assault ships, numerous submarines and smaller vessels.

San Francisco, whose full name is The City and Country of San Francisco, is one of the exciting places to visit in California, also one of the largest cities in California.

It is located on top of San Francisco Peninsula and in the center of the geographical area called San Francisco Bay Area.

San Francisco is famous for its fog phenomenon which sometimes takes several months for steep hills, the combination of Victorian architecture and modern architecture and its peninsular position, surrounded by San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean.

If you are planning to visit California you should plan a serious vacation because there are plenty beautiful places to visit in California.

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