If you want to enjoy the best food in the world, you are going to need your passport. Meals are generally what you remember when returning from a trip and there is no reason why you should not make food the target of your next vacation. To satisfy your food cravings, you should head over to one of the world’s best places for food. The best place for indulging in culinary delights is the Philippines. Philippine food is not as famous as that of the Vietnamese neighbors, but this does not mean that it is not tasty. On the contrary, Philippine cuisine is among the most flavorful and unique ones. There are many great places to eat in the Philippines. Since you will be needing a guide to top restaurants, visit busogan.com. Still not convinced that the Philippines is a great foodie destination? Keep reading on.

What sets Philippine cuisine apart

Philippine cuisine has evolved significantly over the years, receiving influences from Chinese, Asian, Hispanic, and even American influences. What mainly distinguishes the food is the mix of sweet, sour and salty flavors. Unlike other Asian cuisines, that are renowned for their subtle delivery and presentation, Philippine food is brought to you in a single offering. It did not enjoy much popularity on the culinary scene, but now many people consider Philippine dishes to be the greatest in the world. When planning your future trip, you should check out 10bestph.com. However, it is important to highlight that Philippine cuisine is not for everyone. You either like it or you do not.

Foods you must try in the Philippines

The Philippines are blessed with a wealth of seafood, tropical fruits and creative chefs. Nevertheless, it is more to the cuisine than seafood and fruit. If you want to sample quintessential dishes, this is what you should be eating:

  • Lumpia: lumpia are pastries made of Chinese influence that are very similar to spring rolls. They are filled with tofu, vegetables, shrimp, nuts, and basically anything.
  • Adobo: an ever-present dish in Philippine cuisine, adobo is vinegar-braised meat (chicken and pork) that is cooked with soy sauce and coconut milk. This is considered the national dish because it is very popular.
  • Kaldereta: cooked during fiesta and birthdays, kaldereta is a very popular dish in Luzon. Main ingredients include chunks of pork, beef or goat with tomato sauce. Let us not forget about the liver.

Are the Philippines the best place to satisfy your cravings?

Some places you go to for museums, while some places you go to for the food. The Philippines should definitely be on your foodie travel list. It is true that the foods are a little bit weird, but once you get used to it you will not want to eat anything else. You can discover what the locals are eating or, better yet, you can have a meal in the trendiest restaurants. Planning your next travel around food is not a bad idea. If you got to the Philippines, you will have a great time.


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