Choosing the next place you want to go on holiday with your child isn’t an easy thing to do. You need to bear in mind the fact that you have to please everyone in your family so you can all have fun and relax together. Being a fan of famous cartoon characters makes this all easy, because you can select a theme park where you can practice lots of entertaining family activities. For example, conceding that you or your child likes Peppa Pig, Paulton’s Park is the place where you can meet this beloved pink piggy. What else can you do?

Water play

If you are planning to visit a theme park during summer, you might want to take a break from the exhausting heat. Water splash areas are an often way to kill the boredom and feel refreshed at the same time. More than that, you can find some places to stay near Peppa Pig World so you don’t have to bring changing clothes with you. It is much more convenient to go to the park whenever you wish to. Location will not be an issue if you make sure you decide in time.

Park rides

Theme parks offer a large variety of mild rides you can try with your family, all decorated with characters from your favourite cartoons. Peppa Pig World gathers together people all around the world for the balloon ride or Miss Rabbit’s helicopter flight. If you are familiar with the adventures of each character, you can feel them on your own skin and enjoy the immense fun you will have doing that.

Play zones

Since you want to meet and interact with your dearest cartoon character, there are play zones where costumed stuff will be ready to take a lot of pictures with you and your family, tell funny stories and much more. In Peppa Pig World you can see impressions of the cherished personages and have a good laugh. Have some fun indoors too, no matter the weather with ball play, musicals and so on.

Peppa’s House

There is an option to visit your character’s house and see for yourself where all the adventures take place. You can never refuse a new episode of your favourite cartoon, as in the house of Peppa Pig animated scenes from its enchanting life will follow. Many games expect you there and a new perspective over the field of joy.

Toy shops

After you had enough fun, but you still can’t grow apart from the magical world of imagination and playfulness, you can take home a memory from the perfect day you spent besides your idol. Toy shops offer you an ample range of collectable figurines, games or pictures and magazines to take with you.

Considering everything above, make up your mind and go relax with your family to the world of infinite smiles and laughter. It is a well-deserved break from the quotidian and it will make a difference in your family ambiance.




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