If you’re the kind of tourist that welcomes a bit of adrenaline in their life, but at the same time expects a certain degree of luxury from his trips, then a ski holiday in Colorado may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Offering an amazing balance between world-class slopes, awe-inspiring sights, high end resorts and luxury hotels, Colorado is a region that keeps on giving. In fact, it would take you more than just a couple of winters to explore everything that this area has to offer. Here are some of the places you can start with:



Although it’s not easy to reach, Telluride is a fantastic resort that will impress even the most demanding skier. Offering no less than 148 trails, this resort caters to everyone, from kids to casual skiers and professionals and many experts say that it earned its place in the top 5 ski resorts in the United States. If you want to experience skiing in Colorado, then this is definitely the place to start, but make sure you save up for the trip in advance, because Telluride also happens to be one of the most exclusive resorts in the States.



Vail is the biggest ski area in Colorado and also one of the neatest, best organized resorts in the world. Here, you’ll get a nice balance between beginner and advanced slopes, but if you’re a fan of steep terrain, this isn’t exactly the ideal option for you. What Vail does excel at compared to Telluride is the wide variety of things to do off the slopes. If in Telluride there aren’t that many activities you can do apart from skiing, Vail is actually really popular among non-skiers as well, because the charming little town at the base is a beauty to wander around. And, if you’re looking for an off-slope activity that matches the intensity of skiing, make sure you check out the local nightlife, which has a few pleasant surprises of its own.



A true highlight for fans of high-end resorts, Aspen offers more than 5,500 acres of skiing terrain and many fun things to do. Because it’s not that easy to reach, Aspen is one of the less crowded destinations, so if you want a ski vacation that doesn’t involve a lot of queuing, then we recommend this option. Aspen is also home to some of the most exclusive spas, lounges, hotels and restaurants, which recommends it for comfort seekers as well as adventurers.


Beaver Creek

When it comes to grooming, few resorts get a better grade than Beaver Creek, one of Colorado’s newest ski destination. Although it doesn’t offer as much terrain as the other entries on this list, and it’s not less expensive either, Beaver Creek does offer two key benefits: first, it’s quite private, so you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for some peace and quiet and second, the accommodation and dining are world class.

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