The old town of Lincoln might not be the one of the largest or most visited in the United Kingdom, but tourists who decide to go off the beaten track and include it on their itinerary are definitely greeted by a wonderful sight. Lincoln happens to be one of the most beautiful and culturally complex town in the United Kingdom, a hidden jewel that offers everything from cosy restaurants to romantic cobbled streets. If you want to experience a different facet of the UK and live a unique experience, then you will love the surprises that Lincoln has in store for you.

The Lincoln Cathedral – the highlight of the town

If you will be spending only one day in Lincoln, then the one attraction that you must include on your to-do list is the Lincoln cathedral. It is by far the most impressive building in town and a studding example of British architecture. With its massive stone columns and beautiful rose windows, it will open your appetite for Middle Age history and make you feel like in one of Dan Brown’s books. The construction of the cathedral started in 1088 and, for many years, it was the tallest building of its type in the UK. If you are interested in medieval architecture, then you will admire the cathedral’s experimental vaults. This cathedral is best seen on a cloudy day, when you can take stunning landscape photography.

University of Lincoln – a notable academic centre

Lincoln is not only a great place to visit, but also a great place where you can live and learn. The local university traces its roots back to the 1860s and it is known as one of the best academic centres in the UK. Many students, sometimes even foreigners, decide to go to University here because of the opportunities that this town offers. Student accommodation Lincoln University is in demand, not only because this university is prestigious and opens many career paths, but also because student life is quite pleasant in Lincoln UK. despite the town’s historical appeal, the nightlife is vibrant and there are many shopping and entertainment spots.

The Steep Hill – for lovers of cobbled streets

The Steep Hill was given its name in the Middle Ages and it’s actually a long, winding, cobbled street for pedestrians. Not only is it charming and romantic, with its medieval stone arches and old street laps, but also filled with tiny shops and restaurants. Take the time to explore it on a sunny day and you will come across book shops, chocolate shops, artisan workshops, handmade jewellery stores and pubs. At the end of the Steep Hill you will see a Roman square, which is another must-see tourist attraction. It’s quite lively in the summer, where you can listen to impromptu concerts and street performances.

These are the three main things to do in Lincoln UK, but if you will be staying here for more than three days, then be sure to stop by the Museum of Lincolnshire Life and the Lincoln Castle.

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