You have put away money, booked flight tickets, and bought outfits for your Ibiza vacation. But what do you do once you arrive there? The last thing you should do is sit around the pool all day long. Go out and explore the island. Ibiza is an incredible place, with beautiful landscapes and unspoilt coastline. Ibiza is a small island, but sometimes getting around can be a real nightmare. You have public transportation and taxis, but you will not have a great deal of fun. What you should do is spurge your money on a private driver Ibiza, if you want a great holiday of course.

Why hire private driver during your Ibiza trip  

You are stocked for your next trip to Ibiza. Do you literally hate buses and taxis? If this is the case, you should think about hiring a private driver, at least for a day or two. This will help you make the most of your trip. Here are some compelling reasons why you should book a private driver.

  • No need to adjust your schedule: using public transportation services implies adjusting your schedule to bus timetables. Would it not be great if you did not have to wait around for the bus? If you are not willing to waste precious minutes waiting for the bus, hire a private driver. Instead of waiting, you will be at the beach or attending a party.
  • Fixed price: You do not have to worry that you will be overcharged. When booking a private driver in Ibiza, you receive a quote with the exact cost.
  • Booking private driver without paying a guide: You are on a budget, as most people who come to Ibiza are. Yet, you need someone to take you to the best restaurants or recommend you sightseeing places. What you need is not a full tour guide; what you need is a chauffeur.

Where to go

If this is your fist time on the island, you probably have no idea where to go. The great thing is that you have a pool of choices. The points below should come in handy. 


Did you know that Ibiza is home to the famous Atlantis? You do now. Tell your driver to take you to the Old Town, so you can catch a glimpse of the legendary island.

Teatro Pereyra

This is the ideal place for an evening chill out. Not only do you enjoy a breathtaking view of the west and east coast but also you have the opportunity to watch the sunset. Teatro Pereyra is located in the heart of Ibiza Town and it is definitely an attraction you will want to visit. This café bar has live music. You can listen to reggae, jazz, improv, flamenco, and more.  

Casita Verde

It may be located far from the town and the main roads, but Casita Verde is a place worth visiting.  You do not need booking and you can enjoy good food and soothing music. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not for old hippies. Casita Verde is an area suitable for all people.

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