There is definitely more to the Dominican Republic than what meets the eye and Puerto Plata is a destination that is more appealing to those who are not necessarily looking forward to enjoy the busy nightlife. But this does not mean that the place does not have a solid tourism infrastructure. You can find practically anything you would desire as a tourist, meaning beaches that stretch for miles, archeological sites and entertainment for all tastes. However, this does not mean that you have to limit your time to the premises of the capital because the Puerto Plata village offers amazing scenery.


The wonderful thing about Sosúa is that it is located only four miles away from the airport in San Felipe de Puerto Plata. It is widely considered to be the ideal place for single persons owing to the fact that the area is filled with nightclubs and bars so that the party never ends. Surprisingly, in the daytime the destination is a peaceful place where you can sit back and enjoy the sea breeze, not to mention the fact that the inhabitants are always polite to strangers. The town is not that big and consequently you can take a tour on the back of a motorcycle and surround it in no time. What not to miss is the Playa Sosua that is neighbor to El Batey, a community of Jews. The beach is popular owing to the fact that you can snorkel to the reefs that are only 100m from the shore.


It is located in the north of the country and it is no longer a secret to travellers. It is widely known for its paradisiac scenery and it is considered appealing for both families and single persons. The popularity is also due to the tropical weather that favors the presence of lush vegetation, not to mention the fact that hotels are prepared to welcome visitors at any time and in any language. The hiking passionate is able to climb up the Monumento Natural El Saltadero which is a beautiful waterfall. In addition to this, the sandy beaches are quite obvious attractions for windsurfing and diving. Travel groups can go visit the Blue Lagoon where they will discover services such as picnic tables, restaurants and ostrich farms.


This is a small town of the Dominican Republic that also benefits from the presence of a tourist infrastructure. It has been said that Christopher Columbus used the bay in order to protect his ship from the storm. Luperón has enjoyed increased popularity in recent years and has come to be considered as a holiday destination owing to the presence of white sandy beaches. The town is home to numerous restaurants, villas, bars and even a small hospital. Additionally, the city accommodates numbers of cruisers and boaters who come here to escape from hurricanes. There are many activities that you can engage in such as yachting and sailing. Moreover, the water is so clear that you can see the reefs and the fish as well as take pictures.

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