Riviera Maya is a top destination for summer vacation and many holidaymakers choose this Caribbean coastline for its lovely beaches and lush resorts, but also for the many opportunities it provides when it comes to fun and exciting adventures. To that extent, many tourists do their homework beforehand and book several Riviera Maya excursions before travelling, just to make sure they get to explore and experience everything that’s worth it while they’re there. As said, there are many sights to see and many things to do, therefore these excursions or tours are varied and it all depends on what you enjoy doing most. Some tours focus more on exploring the area and learning about their culture and history, while others are all about having fun and feeling the adrenaline push through your veins.

Cultural tours in Riviera Maya


There is a great history and culture that lies in the Riviera Maya, interesting facts and myths that go beyond a simple visit to Chichen Itza. If you want to discover and learn more about Mexico and this part of the country in particular, then cultural or historical Riviera Maya excursions are a great help. You’ll be able to find plenty of options online and you should also consider booking a tour on the web, otherwise you risk not finding any available slots when you’re there.


Diving & Snorkelling

It wouldn’t be a trip to the Caribbean without scuba diving or snorkelling, would it? To that effect, you couldn’t have chosen a better location than Riviera Maya, as it offers great spots for passionate divers and you’ll be able to see and explore breath taking views of the underwater world. However, this type of activities require pre-booking even more than the first ones, especially during peak season, when the resorts are filled with tourists all wanting to dive or snorkel.




One day cruises are very popular in Riviera Maya, mostly preferred by couples, as it can be very romantic to sail away in the Caribbean Sea. Well, you’re not actually sailing into the sunset, but these cruises can take you to very beautiful places in the region and they even feature entertainment and food, which can turn into a really fun day and evening. Cruises are a great opportunity to relax and unwind with a cocktail, while enjoying good food and amazing views.


Exotic tours

If you want to explore the exotic part of Riviera Maya, if you want to observe bright coloured birds that you can’t see anywhere else, lush vegetation and secret spots that are off the beaten track, then be sure to book safari or 4×4 Riviera Maya excursions. Whether you choose jeep tours or ATV tours, these will be a fun and thrilling way to explore the coastline and discover interesting places and maybe even unexplored territories. This type of tours can also be booked online and you can read and learn more about them before you actually travel to Mexico.

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