Del Mar has become a popular tourist destination since Hollywood’s golden years when famous movie stars started to spend their vacations here. The name actually signifies “of the sea” and the place is a perfect destination for those passionate about fast horses and award-winning cuisine. Although the destination is mostly popular for its sandy beaches, the truth is that there are many things one can discover here. If you click on you will gain access to a comprehensive guide. You will see on the online page that there is more to Del Mar than the beautiful beaches. Following are just a few examples of attractions that simply make it a must-see place.

Discovering the arts and architecture

If you are interested in understanding fine arts, then you have come to the right place. The Del Mar Art Center is a place of the visual arts and its doors are open to the public and artists alike. Here professionals are constantly engaged in public lectures and poetry readings. In addition to this, you can discover contemporary pieces and vivid works of art at one of the many galleries in town. There is always the possibility to visit historic structures as well. The not-to-miss attractions are Stratford Square, an example of English Tudor architecture and at the same time a historical landmark of the downtime village, and L’Auberge Hotel, those who are interested in booking a stay should book far in advance.

Fine dining

If you are intent on eating and at the same time enjoying the sunset, then you need to visit Del Mar. It seem that the locals are not tired of this custom and there are plenty of celebrated eateries where you can enjoy the same experience. For instance, there is L’Auberge, an outdoor venue that offers an incredible view of the ocean. Not only does the menu reflect the seaside atmosphere, but you can enjoy the ocean view at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can either order an ordinary hot dog or actually participate in the dining experience with a many course meal. Hanging out with the chef will give you the chance to learn the secrets of the trade. If you are fond of Peruvian cuisine, then you should definitely eat at Café Secret where the atmosphere is the same as it were during the owner’s time in Peru.

Get to know the animals

There is no doubt that Del Mar is a pet-friendly community. It hosts many fun events for the furry friends of the area. In September, you can see one of the biggest competitions in the world: the dog surfing competition. Owners and canines are provided the possibility to participate in 20-minutes heats and show off their talents. On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit the exotic bird sanctuary. Seeing Cockatoos and Macaws are just two reasons. Make sure you don’t forget to get a souvenir for your pet.

Going to Del Mar is will provide you with a unique learning experience and the chance to enjoy fine dining and pet shows. Only if you actually visit Del Mar will you discover all the secrets.


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