With a troubled past, Croatia stayed away from the public attention for about a decade after the war that led to its separation from Yugoslavia. However, in the past few years, it became an increasingly popular travel destination. And this should not surprise anybody because this jewellery has plenty to offer from all points of view: eight national parks, charming and beautifully-preserved historic towns, and a breath-taking coastline. It surely has plenty to offer, especially if your cup of tea is a vacation in destinations similar to Spain or Greece. Luckily, the vast majority of touristic agencies offer guided tours of Split, Croatia, which in most of the cases, exceed their client’s expectations. But let’s see what amazing Croatian destinations are worth your attention.

1. Dalmatia – the rugged, yet charming Croatian region

Less developed, rugged and wild, but at the same time, seductive by its natural beauty, Dalmatia surely makes a perfect summer holiday destination. Blissfully located in the Mediterranean climate, it can be easily reached by plane, in two UNESCO world heritage sites, namely Split and Dubrovnik. These two charming cities are also two of the most important ferry hubs, ferries that tourists can take to the Island of Havar. You can find timetables for ferries online with the ease that you expect in our era, and with a little planning, you can fly and sail in the same day. If you lack the organisational skills, we warmly recommend pre-established tours, specifically designed by travel agencies.  

2. Istria – the peninsula with an Italia cultural heritage

 The emerald green peninsula of Istria has a strong Italian cultural heritage, easy to notice in the food courses and culture. Fly to Pula to reach the peninsula, and you will find that this region is quite popular amongst visitors of all kinds, mainly because it remained unscathed by the war. It is well-developed from the transportation point of view and many Europeans choose to come in the city of Pula by driving their own vehicles. Which, in many cases, allows them to save some money. The most appreciated treasures of Istria can be found inland, by exploring the region walking or in one of the tours organised by travel agencies.

3. Zagreb – comparable with Prague, by many

Yes, many tend to compare the two capitals, and it is no wonder this happens ever-so-often. It is perfect for a city break, offering plenty in terms of attractions, restaurants, leisure activities nightlife, and very affordable shopping sessions. Also easy to reach because it has strong connections with all international transportation means, it can be easily reached by car or airplane. Spend your day sightseeing, because this destination is very rich from a cultural point of view.

These are three of the most popular destinations in Croatia and the proof that this country might be hiding the recipe for the perfect summer holiday. Make sure to book a tour and you won’t regret it.

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