Manchester was the focal point of the industrial revolution and the place where the first modern computer was born. At present, Manchester is one of the most popular tourist attractions, greeting millions of visitors. Why don’t you book a vacation to NW England? Better yet, why don’t you bring your family with you? Manchester is a family-friendly place, where you can create life-long memories and spend maximum time with your loved ones. If at one time, the destination catered only to adults, now, it attracts more and more families. Bring your entire family to Manchester and put the following activities on your list.

Take your loved ones on a trip over Manchester

A helicopter tour is an exciting way to take in the many sights of Manchester. Besides the fact that a helicopter is an awesome way to travel, you get to see the metropolitan borough from above, with a perspective as if you were a bird. There is no reason to deal with traffic on the ground when you can take a trip over Manchester by Helicopter and see Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United FC. Speaking of Old Trafford, it’s a fantastic stadium. You or your loved ones don’t have to be fans in order to visit the Manchester United’s stadium. It’s the biggest club stadium in the United Kingdom, having a reputation for a pleasant atmosphere. The point is that you should take advantage of the opportunity and take a helicopter ride together with your family.

Pay a visit to Knowsley Safari Park 

Knowsley Safari Park is located in the proximity of Manchester. This zoological park is home to more than 700 animals, such as lions, baboons, camels, and wildebeests. The British and Irish Association has full confidence in Knowsley Safari Park and so should you. Yoru family will really enjoy the drive through the lion enclosure. The unique and intriguing images of the African lions will simply amaze them. The safari park has an on-site restaurant, so you can grab a bite to eat if you like. Delight in deli food, bespoke sandwiches or salads. You can equally bring your own picnic. When you’re all full, you can continue your adventure.

Go to Manchester Art Gallery

Taking children to art galleries isn’t uncommon, especially in the United Kingdom. These parents understand that museums offer incredible learning experiences and provoke the imagination. Numerous people head on over to Manchester Art Gallery to see the impressive exhibitions. The aim of the museum is to present internationally relevant art and meet the people’s desire for culture. Some of the country’s finest art collections and contemporary surroundings. It’s definitely worth a visit. So, what are you waiting for? Let your kids explore new things and expand their world. As for you, you will love the layout, the collections, and the building itself. The Manchester Art Gallery has some fine pieces of work on display, so go there. You’ll be able to discover the history of the world and its inhabitants. You don’t get that chance every day.

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