If you are interested in the educational background of the United Kingdom, then you should probably plan a round trip to some of its most prestigious academic cities. It is well known that Britain has a great tradition when it comes to culture and history, and their educational system is no exception. Here are three of the most reputable places you have to visit and add to your list of potential university alternatives:


London is internationally known as a major destination for travellers, but the UK capital is also a great university city. It is ranked in the top five of the best student towns in the world, since it has a number of educational institutions quite resourceful and famous. In addition to this, the huge diversity of this academic hub is justified by more than 300 languages are spoken here, which make the British capital a leading location as far as “student mix” is concerned. Besides being a reliable option for those looking for high education, the city really has plenty of things to offer to its tourists. From majestic cultural monuments to luxurious facilities, you can find everything you want here. There are also student housing Bloomsbury options, providing all the comfort you need. So in case you are trying to make a choice for your future, travel to London and discover its beauties and opportunities.


Smaller than London, Oxford is definitely known worldwide as the location of one of the most prestigious universities on the globe. Some of the best trained professions and most intelligent students can be found here, not to mention the impressive establishment where the institution is located. Oxford is one of the oldest teaching academies in the United Kingdom, having a great tradition and an amazing evolution. Furthermore, the university takes pride in alumni, since no less than 19 prime ministers of Britain have graduated from Oxford, as well as a number of Nobel Laureates. And the list of examples can continue with plenty of other remarkable names. As you can see, there is clearly something special about this academic town that has so many things to offer to its visitors and inhabitants. This place seems to be the dream of any high school graduate in Britain and not only. So in case you are passionate about history and education, this city is the perfect place for you to carry your studies and enrich your culture.


Although smaller and a bit less prestigious than the above mentioned examples, Sheffield is still an amazing academic option and an impressive city to see. The University belongs to the “red brick” category, due to the material it has been built of. Besides its majestic architecture and looks, the establishment has been ranked as one of the best educational institutions both in 2011 and in 2014. The welcoming city is located in the metropolitan region of South Yorkshire and has a history that will definitely get your attention.


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