Cancun is a very popular destination, not only because it is in the Caribbean, but also because it is a lovely city, where summer lasts all year long and where tourists can combine swimming and sunbathing and diving with cultural exploration, fine dining and shopping. Most travellers prefer Playa del Carmen when going to Mexico because the area has known quite the development as far as resorts are concerned and there are so many beautiful places to stay. Of course, most flights to Mexico and to the Riviera Maya land on the Cancun airport, but that is far from being an issue, as there are numerous and various Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen shuttle services available nowadays that is almost impossible not to find one to book. The only thing you need to carefully choose is your hotel, as accommodation can make your break your entire holiday.

Obviously, as we live in the Internet era, you can find vast information online about the top hotels in Cancun or in Playa del Carmen, whether you like relying on dedicated review platforms like Trip Advisor or you want to explore official websites and judge hotels by your own standards. There are also plenty of travelling websites that offer great insight on the subject, the reviews coming from a more critical and professional point of view than just random tourists giving their opinion. For instance, travelling magazines have placed Rosewood Mayakoba Hotel at the very top of the list when it comes to best hotels in Playa del Carmen and the establishment is indeed an example of luxury, high standard of service and perfect location, between the lush jungle and crystalline beaches. Next comes the Grand Velas Riviera Maya, which is a vast all inclusive property, offering guests spa services, gourmet cuisine and whirlpool tubs. The resort is at a reasonable distance from the airport in Cancun, so you might want to drive there, but the easiest way is booking a Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen shuttle, as these services guarantee a timely service and usually provide both pick up and drop off at the airport.


Fairmont Mayakoba is the third best ranked hotel in Playa del Carmen and it provides a luxurious 401 bedrooms and suites, all in a tropical décor, making guests really feel the local colour of Mexico, but in a stylish and lavishing way. Wherever you decide to stay in Cancun or in Playa del Carmen, when you book your holiday package or your flight tickets, make sure you give transfers a thought as well. Some hotels may offer you a transfer service, but this will usually end up costing you more than if you book the Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen shuttle yourself. The bottom line is that, whatever you need to book, whether airplane tickets, hotels or transfer services, all you need to do is research the online environment thoroughly and choose with care.

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