Europe is the continent that offers perhaps the most gems when it comes to travelling, bustling with impressive cities and rich history and imposing places like Paris, London or Rome. However, there is also a less explored face of Europe with cities and destinations that are truly breath taking and that you should definitely not miss in your lifetime. Below, you will be able to read about 3 stunning European itineraries that perfectly combine popular hot spots of the continent with its hidden treasures. It’s also important to note that, depending on that travel agency or operator that you choose, these itineraries can be utterly personalised, so that you can enclose places you really want to see and explore, if that’s the case.

1. The other side of France: When thinking about a trip to France, most people equalise it with a trip to Paris. The capital city has, without a doubt, its own particular charm and romantic allure, but there is also another side of France that appeals to romantic travellers and that it’s not stormed by thousands of visitors every weekend. This itinerary showcases the French Riviera, enabling tourists to explore Marseille and Nice, as well as the sovereign state of Monaco, all in one trip. Nice and Marseille are probably the most beautiful coastal cities, not to mention a glamorous destination on the Cote D’Azur. Marseille has splendid restaurants and the vibrant Vieux Port will definitely offer you huge entertainment possibilities. Nice is famous for its clear blue, calm waters and the Castle Hill and the Old Town are absolute must-sees. Monaco needs no introduction and don’t even think about skipping Café de Paris and Casino de Monaco.

2. Eastern Europe Heritage: There are many European itineraries that are definitely worth exploring, but if we’re talking about the less marketed face of the continent then Krakow and Warsaw are definitely worth mentioning. These two Polish cities are undeniable architectural gems and they will show you a side of Poland you never thought it had. In Krakow, you will be able to walk around Europe’s largest medieval square and view some of the most impressive buildings, such as the Cloth Hall, dating way back to the Renaissance, and the Gothic Church of Virgin Mary, from early Renaissance, in the 14th century. Although destroyed in the Second World War, Warsaw has seen an amazing rebuild and you will have the delight to view 17th and 18th century buildings, great parks and gardens, as well as dazzling cafes and restaurants with a musical feel, sort of like a tribute to Chopin.

3. Italy at its best: Just as many tourists think France equals Paris, numerous travellers also equalise Italy with Rome, but if you really want to make the most of this beautiful, amazing country, then you should combine the exploration of its capital with a drive through Tuscany and maybe even up north, to Venice. This is one of the European itineraries that might take you a little longer to complete, but Tuscany is not a region that you want to hurry through. From the wine region of Chianti to the Pleistocene fossils of Figline Valdarno village, it will be one mesmerising adventure.

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