Manchester was the focal point of the industrial revolution and the place where the first modern computer was born. At present, Manchester is one of the most popular tourist attractions, greeting millions of visitors. Why don’t you book a vacation to NW England? Better yet, why don’t you bring your family with you? Manchester is a family-friendly place, where you can create life-long memories and spend maximum time with your loved ones. If at one time, the destination catered only to adults, now, it attracts more and more families. Bring your entire family to Manchester and put the following activities on your list.

Take your loved ones on a trip over Manchester

A helicopter tour is an exciting way to take in the many sights of Manchester. Besides the fact that a helicopter is an awesome way to travel, you get to see the metropolitan borough from above, with a perspective as if you were a bird. There is no reason to deal with traffic on the ground when you can take a trip over Manchester by Helicopter a