With an apparently endless list of beautiful, exotic destinations to choose, each one of your holidays should be exciting and memorable. If you are currently seeking a location for your next trip and want to opt for something that will not disappoint your expectations, you should considerate the Turks & Caicos Islands. If you don’t […]

If you decide to visit Turks and Caicos Islands then you should expect an explosion of culture, originality, exotic cuisine, crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and breathtaking views. Better yet, picture a heavenly place that most people do not even dream of seeing in reality. Whether you prefer quiet and unexplored areas, noisy and busy […]

  Being a travelling lover is not easy when you don’t own the right means of transport to ensure yourself a pleasurable experience once you reach the destination. This is the reason why you will have to get to know what cars are most suitable for long distance travelling. One of the best examples for […]

  Winter is coming, but this shouldn’t stop you from planning you next road trip. The great things about road trips is that, in spite of the bad weather that may appear, you still have some backup plan to help you have some amazing time. And fear not, exotic places are waiting for you even […]

Snowbird is a term that refers to people over a certain age that leave Canada for several months, usually during winter in order to enjoy the warmer climates in California, Texas or Arizona. They can benefit from travel insurance although they already have medical insurance and they have the possibility to explore from many options […]

  Travel lovers surely know the importance of having increased levels of mobility while on the road. But for many, travelling by plane prevents them to take their vehicles on vacation. Still, those love the freedom that having a car at your disposal while on vacation provides them. This is when car rental services come […]

As season 7 of Game of Thrones is coming to a close, fans are already thinking of how much they will have to wait until the next season. But, we have an idea to help pass the time without losing contact with the show’s atmosphere: why not go on Game of Thrones themed tour and […]

These days, people are not really into road trips and it’s hard to understand why. Travelling across the country provides you the opportunity to see diverse, impressive places. Plus, you’re young. If you’re not going to do crazy things now, when are you going to? The car your parents bought you won’t stand a long […]

  With a troubled past, Croatia stayed away from the public attention for about a decade after the war that led to its separation from Yugoslavia. However, in the past few years, it became an increasingly popular travel destination. And this should not surprise anybody because this jewellery has plenty to offer from all points […]

Choosing the next place you want to go on holiday with your child isn’t an easy thing to do. You need to bear in mind the fact that you have to please everyone in your family so you can all have fun and relax together. Being a fan of famous cartoon characters makes this all […]